Multiple Minds Are Better Than One: Benefits to Hiring an Agency Partner

Updated: Jul 7, 2021

Like many small to mid-sized innovative companies today, you may find your organization is in fast-growth mode and looking to expand its marketing communication efforts. To effectively scale, you’ll need to build a larger team that can develop and execute a communications and public relations (PR) plan aligned with marketing to support your company's overall business goals.

Knowing there will be a need for various communication skill sets, you have options to hire several team members, or bring on an external agency. Below are three benefits to hiring an agency partner that can further support your current in-house communications and PR capabilities:

Cost Effective

Depending on your goals, it is possible to bring on a communications agency - a team of highly qualified experts - for the cost of one full-time employee. You’ll add multi-functions without the head count and eliminate the need for benefits, training, and administrative expenses associated with maintaining another employee. You also gain some flexibility with budgeting. You can start small, while still getting the experience and guidance, and then add more services as your business grows. Many agencies, especially micro-agencies and boutique consultancies, may allow you to start with an initial three-month program before making a longer-term commitment.

Blended Expertise & Marketing Integration

A communications agency offers an important blend of expertise, including seasoned professionals to drive strategy and project management, experienced writers to develop messaging and create compelling content, and savvy media specialists who understand how to generate earned-media coverage and cultivate a thriving thought-leadership program. An agency also has access to dedicated graphic designers to provide visual and creative support. These are all critical components to any communications strategy today. With an agency, an organization can obtain senior level support to help build the best program for its business while also managing the day-to-day tactics.

Furthermore, many established communication agencies have strong relationships with professionals, including specialized designers, web developers, and video producers, who do complementary work. This allows cohesive development and execution of an integrated communications strategy that supports a range of business needs.

Outside Perspective

Hiring a communications agency that has worked with a wide and diverse spectrum of businesses and brands can help incorporate fresh ideas and new opportunities for a company. While there are tremendous advantages to the deep, internal knowledge you and your team hold, sometimes internal teams get too immersed in their day-to-day business and lose sight of the bigger picture. Great things can happen when experienced communication partners collaborate with subject matter experts within an organization.

The benefits of outsourcing to support marketing and communication projects doesn’t necessarily end here. But these thought-starters may spark some interest in exploring an external partner, even if on a short-term basis, to help you evaluate the current landscape of your business, goals, and key communication/PR opportunities that will help take your company's brand awareness to the next level. At the end of the day, multiple minds are always better than one!

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